Saturday, 16 September 2017

My 2 year sick leave

Dear Readers,

As the title says, I haven't been well for the past two years.

But things are improving, so I'm taking the opportunity to mark this day, two years after my last post, as a victory over pain and torture and a celebration of my family's endless support.

After many examinations at the doctor's and various specialists it turns out that I suffer from multiple health issues, some extremely rare. For some problems there's no cure, only medicine that can ease the pain and discomfort. Other issues can be helped with exercises.

Some issues have been with me all my life as a result of a mutated gene, but only become a problem with age, others have developed as a result of the first combined with a stressing time two years ago.

Until I got the current medicine my body was in terrible pain and torture. I feared I was going to die. Now I know that I can handle a very high level of pain - and that's a victory to me!

This evening I'm going to see a group of dear friends who's only seen me once during the last two years. Although we're staying at home due to others not being well either, we're dressing up and having great food and drinks! So, here's a look at my outfit:

As you can tell I've put on weight. That happens when you're confined to the sofa for months and months. The result is a whole new wardrobe. That sounds way more fun than it actually is!

My plan for the future is to be as active as my health allows me. That means I will try to update my blog once a week, and then see how it goes.

The best to all of you - see you soon!